Thursday, August 16, 2007

Uncle Jimbo press briefing

I was doing the usual run on the mil blogs, but this one has to go up now. I'll go back to the surfing afterwards. It's Uncle Jimbo over at Black Five, so you know it's got the right "style". It's titled, WH Press Briefing- Petraeus, Beauchamp & Chuck D.
  • Tony Snow is taking a well-deserved vacation where he dresses up baby harp seals in CNN t-shirts and then clubs them for their fur. Previous Press Secretarying here.

    The usual suspects had all been herded into the new WH Press Center and hastily grabbed seats as the lights dimmed and the defiant sound of Kid Rock's "Cowboy" took control. Out strides Uncle Jimbo amid blazing and flashing house lights and the jackals shrink back from the all out assault on the senses

Obviously, he's just gettin' warmed up...

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