Thursday, August 2, 2007

Proof the "surge" is working

From the strangest sources, too. I surmise this by the latest reactions of Al Qaeda's allies in our government. That, and the old media.

The old media is starting to report little tidbits of what we've been seeing for months. They seem to think there is this small thing happening in Al Anbar province. Thanks, old media, for being all over that! What would we do without ya....

Obama seems to be looking to see if he has any boy parts and has decided to invade the nuclear power Pakistan.

Clinton has switched sides to the max and is stuck. All she seems to be able to do is demand that the Pentagon tell her publicly what the surrender contingency plan is.

Harry Reid? He seems to be relatively quiet. So, what's the saying when you've bet the house on the wrong bet? Hmmm.... snake eyes possibly?

We had a Democrat sitting in a briefing last week with a retired General who had just got back from Iraq and she had to walk out of the meeting because it was too frustrating to her to hear that there is good news coming out of Iraq.

The surrender talk has lessened a whole lot too. Now, they are jockeying around the whole issue to try and find a stance.

That, my friends, indicates success in Iraq.

They will have to try and find a way to either take credit for it, or explain to us how this could have possibly happened under the stewardship of George W Bush.

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