Saturday, August 11, 2007

Iraq update August 11, 2007

Task Force 145/88 from MNF-I update on ongoing operations against Al Qaeda:
  • BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed one terrorist and detained 22 suspected terrorists during operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq senior leaders in central and northern Iraq Thursday and Friday
Also from MNF-I is one Shiite pilgrims observe holy day in safety. This would have been a huge target for Al Qeada, so the lack of suicide attacks indicates to me the level of impotence AQI has reached.
  • Security during Thursday’s rites provided a welcome change from the violence that has accompanied them in recent years. In 2005 an estimated 1,000 people were killed and 300 wounded in a stampede on the Jisr al-Aiema bridge (BridgeImams) when reports spread that a suicide bomber was in the crowd. The incident was the single largest loss of life since the war began in March 2003.

The Thunder Run has a story up on The Baqubah Guardians which we first heard of in this story from Michael Yon.
  • This is how the war will be won, by having Coalition Forces move into an area and begin operations against al Qaeda and then winning over the locals who only want to live in peace. As each town and city moves towards normalcy al Qaeda and the insurgents that create sectarian violence will find fewer and fewer places to operate out of and soon they will be defeated completely.
And, lastly, The Tank has a post up regarding a phone call to Jack Murtha's office to get a comment about the Haditha Marines charges being dropped. Okinawa Jack had convicted them as soon as the story broke.
  • Murtha's Office Hangs Up When Asked About Haditha

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