Monday, September 3, 2007

Iraq update, Labor Day

From Pat Dollard - Bush Makes Triumphal Visit To Al Anbar.
  • President George W. Bush landed in Al Anbar with Secretary of State Condoleez Rice and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Al Anbar, which accounts for roughly half the country, had degenerated into a private terrorist state run by Al Qaeda, has been turned around by an alliance between the US military and local iraqis who had finally stood up to the terrorist invaders
And, on a related note, and also from Pat Dollard - Bush Circumvents Maliki With Financial Aid To Sunnis.
  • WASHINGTON, Sept. 1 — President Bush, marshaling his arguments to maintain current troop levels in Iraq, has approved the acceleration of a new program to intensify economic assistance directly to Sunni Arab regions where former insurgents have joined American forces in fighting extremist Sunni groups, senior American officials say.

Pat also has video of Bush's speech to the troops in Anbar - Breaking Video: Bush Addresses Heroes Of Al Anbar.

Al Anbar province is a great place for the President to visit right now, in my opinion. Hopefully he can shake some hands of The Anbar Salvation Council while he's there.


Krk said...

Hell yea! I heard George ole boy was meeting with some of the Sheiks that now have a clue. Dems are twisting and wrything (sp)! Hillary will spin this as though she would have accomplished this long ago and that it was her stategy all along. Comical.
Cant wait to see what kind of BS spin they try to pull on Patreus (sp) next week!

Geary said...

Their sinking to unheard of levels. It's now going to be referred to as "Bush's September update". Gee, the fact that according to the Congressional mandate Bush is to prepare and present the report doesn't even get mentioned.

Wait a minute....

I think I've got it. Bush hoodwinked them again into mandating that HE give the report. It's not their fault.