Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sattar assassin captured

From Pat Dollard - Breaking: Man Who Killed Abu Risha Captured
  • So much for the Abu Risha Truthers at Daily Kos who were trying to claim he had been killed by rival Ramadi sheiks in order to present a chaotic picture of the Anbar Awakening:


    BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces captured a suspected al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorist linked to the assassination of Sheik Sattar during an operation Sept. 15 west of Balad.

    The captured individual, Fallah Khalifa Hiyas Fayyas al-Jumayli, also known as Abu Khamis, is believed to be responsible for the death of Sheik Abdul Sattar Abu Resha, founder of the Anbar Awakening, a coalition of tribes in Anbar Province committed to driving al-Qaeda in Iraq out of the area. Intelligence reports indicate al-Jumayli is involved in a plot to kill key leaders in the tribal awakening. He is also reportedly responsible for car bomb and suicide vest attacks in Anbar Province, and is closely allied with senior al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders in the region.

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