Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So, who is smarter?

Liberals continually tout that, test after test, proves that liberals are smarter than conservatives. You might have seen the latest which was a test done by U.C.L.A. (I believe) where a letter was flashed on a computer screen for one tenth of a second, and then the subjects had four tenths of a second to make the appropriate action/inaction. They found that conservatives made more errors in this test then did liberals, and so concluded the following. Liberals are much better at analyzing information and changing positions. This, in four tenths of a second. My conclusion was somewhat different. I concluded that liberals are so good at flip-flopping that they can do it in four tenths of a second. Probably faster.

If we want to evaluate who, out of our elected officials, are smarter, I think we can chalk one up for the conservatives.

From Erick at Redstate - suckers.
  • Pay attention lefties. The GOP really tricked you guys today and, on the bright side, at least you know who your real friend are. The GOP machinations were, objectively, well played today.

    in the Foreign Affairs Committee, Mike Pence offered up an amendment to legislation that would have condemned the advertisement against General Petraeus. At the very same time as the Democrats on the Committee were voting to kill Pence's bill, the GOP House Leadership was making a motion to recommit Joint Resolution 52 with an amendment doing the exact same thing.

Nicely done GOP.

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Mike said...

With regard to Democrats and Republicans the issue of intelligence has been settled. Republicans are far more likely to be judged "fairly or very intelligent" by independent testers for the National Election Studies. See Joe Fried's book, "Democrats and Republicans - Rhetoric and Reality" (Chapter 2).