Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Odds and ends

Hillary sat there and called Petreaus a liar. To his face. Pat Dollard has the short video at Video: Fat Chick Calls Petraeus A Liar.

On to more lighter reading. Kathryn Jean Lopez over at The Tank has Dem Complaints about Petraeus. It's a quick top ten list read.

Also from the Tank, W. Thomas Smith Jr. has The Big Lie that Continues About Iraq.
  • Why does everyone continue this bit about our invasion of Iraq being "based on a lie?" That in and of itself is a lie.

And from Pat Dollard is Anbar Awakening Spreads To Triangle Of Death.

  • “Our hope a year ago was to establish very basic inroads down here,” Kershaw said. “We thought the insurgency was far too deep for us to be able to effectively root it out and develop the relationship with the locals.”

    As happened in Anbar province to the west, local Sunni leaders from this town south of Baghdad finally turned on the al Qaeda extremists in their midst when the death and destruction became too much to bear.

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