Friday, September 21, 2007

The Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Just a short post tonight as a reminder and maybe an enlightenment to my daughter.

We had the Clinton's for 8 years and we've heard these statements from them before. Hillary's shot at Petraeus was typical. It was the body language, the "Listening to your report today well, frankly...," that were the important parts. The statement "requires the willing suspension of disbelief" in itself means pretty much nothing. That's what you would want if you were to have a conversation with someone. If they disbelieve, you'd like them to shelve that and listen to you.

Hillary stated this well thought out line to do two things. Cement her ties with as she implies that Petraeus is a liar, and to give herself an out for the general election. Mark my words, she and her supporters will remind you in 5 or 6 months that "well, she never called him a liar, that's what the vast right wing conspiracy want you to believe. Just read her quote."

She, by her body language, and the way she made that prepared statement, only implied that he was lying. And, that was exactly what she wanted to imply. This is clintonspeak in it's normal form.

Make a note....

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