Thursday, September 20, 2007


I've got to admit, I've pretty much figured that a war with Iran was on the horizon. Hell, they're already in Iraq warring against us. They also continue to poke us with a stick. I wasn't clear as to why they seem to want us in a war with them, but they've been doing everything possible to initiate it. We all see it. Michael J. Totten has a great article posted up at Reasononline that really enlightened me on Iran, and in it he explains a lot of things that help clear up why Iran would be acting the way they are. It's called The Next Iranian Revolution.
  • In a green valley nestled between snow-capped peaks in the Kurdish autonomous region of northern Iraq is an armed camp of revolutionaries preparing to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran. Men with automatic weapons stand watch on the roofs of the houses. Party flags snap in the wind. Radio and satellite TV stations beam illegal news, commentary, and music into homes and government offices across the border.
One of the few disagreements I've had with Fred Thompson's views is that he stated several months ago that war with Iran might not need to take place. I frankly couldn't see it. Iran, in my mind, was going to take the baseball bat approach. After reading Totten's article though, I see where Fred is right. He's on top of the situation much better than I was.

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