Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sheik Sattar

I'm in no way an expert on the man, and you all know as much or more about him than I do. He was the founder and leader of The Anbar Salvation Council which I wrote about in July. He was also the man who had a message for the American people in You have 1 unread message. My only comment is that I believe the world just lost a very historical figure. Through his actions, and the reporting of them, a bound was developed between the Iraqi people and a lot of the American people. A huge level of respect also developed for the Iraqi people. At least from those of us that knew of him.

Links from others who are much more knowledgeable of Sheik Sattar:

Bill Roggio over at The Long War Journal -Sheikh Sattar, leader of the Anbar Awakening, killed in bombing

W. Thomas Smith Jr. over at The Tank - Thoughts on the Murder of Sheik Abdul Sattar

And, Multi-National Forces - Iraq has Joint statement Regarding the Assassination of Sheikh Abdul Sattar Bezia al-Rishawi

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