Thursday, September 27, 2007

Perspective of a Soldier in Iraq

This one has been up a couple of days, but in case you haven't seen it I thought I'd put up the link. It's from Lt. Colonel Chris Brady who is in Kirkuk. It's posted at The Christian Science Monitor (so I'm pretty sure unseen by any liberal eyes) called Why I want to keep fighting in Iraq
  • Despite strong public appeals by Gen. David Petraeus and President Bush this month, American views on the Iraq war remain dim. The latest Pew survey shows that 54 percent say US troops should come home as soon as possible, while 47 percent believe the US will probably or definitely fail to achieve its goals in Iraq. Many experts and politicians, meanwhile, have suggested the war can't be won.

    I am a US soldier in Iraq. And I disagree. It's not too late to succeed. The stakes in Iraq are too high not to keep fighting for progress.

    As a National Guardsman serving on a Provincial Reconstruction Team, I've seen what is working on the ground in Kirkuk, a city in northern Iraq.

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