Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Quick hitter

Regarding the mis-informed general public, the Richmond Times-Dispatch online has an Op Ed called Covering The War that explains the problem and the repercussions of it.
  • America will be making enormously important decisions in the coming days and weeks about the war in Iraq, decisions that will affect this country and the Middle East for years, if not decades. None of the decisions will be easy. The future implications are hard to decipher.

    President Bush, Congress, and U.S. generals will be responsible for making specific policy choices. But the ultimate direction of the war will be decided -- as it should be in a democracy -- by the American people. So it's exceptionally important that the people understand what's really going on in Iraq, and there's ample evidence to suggest we don't. One can argue that the passion and demagoguery infusing the war debate have sowed more ignorance than enlightenment.

And, there's been a NightTwister blog sighting. Apparently it's not of a high enough quality for him to put it on his own website so it's over at called Sen Tim Johnson. It has a real good laugh track.... errrr... comment thread.

Also, there's another Redstate blog by a Mike Volpe that describes a two hour debate between a liberal (anti-Iraq war) and a conservative (for winning in Iraq). If you've ever found yourself in one of these, the liberal talking points are all there. Mike has the answers the liberals don't want to hear. The blog is called My Trip To Minnesota.
  • This weekend I attended a wedding for a friend of mine from college in Minnesota. I hitched a ride from Chicago with another buddy who was also attending. My buddy is among the smartest people I know. He scored nearly perfect on his ACT's back in high school and he currently works as a researcher in the Department of Molecular Biology at Northwestern University studying the HIV virus. He has been known to be a sort of ringer in any game of trivial pursuit. He is what I would describe as cerebral and his interests run many topics including of course, politics.

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