Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vets for Obama?

Uncle Jimbo over at Black Five weighs in with Veterans for Obama? Puhleaze.
  • Now the fact that Obama has vets stumping for him shows more about the diversity of our military than Obama's appeal as a candidate. Every thing I have heard him say about the military or national security has been dangerously naive. It is all well and good to mouth feelgood platitudes about a new way and change, but a political tool with zero relevant experience is not much of a choice if you consider our world a dangerous place.

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pornlover69 said...

Like the experience George W or Bill had, or that Hillary has. Puhlease yourself. I was active duty from 81 to 90, under one of our GREATEST Presidents, who, BTW, also had so much experience in that area. Oh, and I'm white, a grew up in the center of a county with absolutely no blacks or hispanics at that time. And I support Barack Obama.