Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Iraq update January 2, 2008

Al Qaeda's last stand, maybe? Operations have started in Diyala Province. From Pat Dollard - Operation Rock Reaper Clears Al-Qaida Strongholds West Of Baquba
  • Like I’ve said, keep a close eye on the Iraq province of Diyala and its capital Baquba. It’s the last spot in the country where Al Qaeda can re-develop a foothold.
Michael J. Totten reports on Falluja - A Plan to Kill Everyone
  • FALLUJAH — A sign on the door leading out of India Company’s Combat Operations Center says “Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet.” For a fraction of second I thought it might be some kind of joke. But I was with the Marine Corps in Fallujah, and it wasn’t a joke.
And, lastly spree over at Wake Up America has Baghdad Parties on New Years Eve
  • Baghdad parties to bring in the new year, saying that it is the first real party they have seen in years.


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