Monday, January 14, 2008

They need you to be uninformed

In the New Hampshire debate, Barak Obama stated that the Sunni's in Al Anbar province had turned on Al Qaeda in Iraq because they saw the Democrats elected in 2006 and knew that the they would have the U.S. pulling out shortly. It was the election results that caused the rebellion against AQI. He was lying or very unaware of the situation in Iraq.

I started scouring the Internet right around the time of the 2006 elections in order to determine what was happening in Iraq because the reporting from the MSM was just body counting. I shortly found Bill Roggio, Michael Yon, Michael J. Totten, TD at Acutepolitics, Badgers Forward, Pat Dollard, and many other bloggers who were independently reporting on what was happening there. The Anbar Awakening had been going on for 6 months to a year at that time, and I verified it through the multitude of bloggers who were there.

Obama was going along the time line the MSM followed. It was 6 months or so after the election when they picked up on anything at all happening in Anbar. Obama either solely relies on the MSM for his world affairs information, or he's convinced that you do.

He needs you to be uninformed...

Now, Hillary says something similar, but on top of the Obama incorrect position, she adds "I know very well that they follow everything that I say". Haystack over at Redstate has the details in Democrat Dementia.

She needs you to be uninformed...

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