Monday, January 7, 2008

Michael Yon

As I mentioned in the previous post, Yon is headed back to Iraq. There's more though, so I'll get right to it. It was probably a year or so ago when I ran across his site as I was looking for Iraq news and milblogs to get a clearer picture on what was happening. I've been donating when I can to help keep him supplied in cameras and equipment, and I signed onto his email list.

When I first started to read his dispatches, I noticed the guy had also written a book. It was called Danger Close. He had the first chapter online so I made a note and came back to it later, when I had the time to read it. I eventually did. It was another well worth the time read and, I've been meaning to purchase the whole book. He mentioned in his email that chapter one is back up on the site and so I need to pass along the link to Danger Close - Chapter One. The book can be purchased via his website.

Speaking of that. He has photo's for sale to. That's nothing new, but I checked the gallery again tonight and was a little surprised to see that he has the iconic photo which I've referred to before as the photo of the Iraq war, as a limited edition, signed and numbered 8 x 12 photo which is mounted and framed museum quality. to refresh your memory the initial story is Little Girl, and the online store framed photo is Strength and Compassion .

So, once again, I've made a note to hit his site when I have some money and buy the book, and hopefully I'll have enough to buy the photo too.


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