Friday, January 4, 2008

The Sword, The Swordsman, and Swordlessness

This one is going to take up some of your time. I normally try to avoid that. This time, I can't. I ran across the following article over my lunch break today, and it ate most of it up. It was a very worthwhile use of time though, so, if you don't have 1/2 hour to an hour right now, make a note to come back to this sometime over the weekend.

I find that, when I need to get a feel for what it's like and what's going on in Iraq, I go to Michael Yon and Michael J. Totten, and I link to them so you can benefit also.

When I try to understand the big picture stuff, it's a little harder. First stop is always The Long War Journal where Bill Roggio and company do a great, detailed job on, exactly that, the long war. After that though, I can just link you to whatever else I find. I've run across a few over time that are worthwhile and pass along the link, but it's a matter of a lot of poking around the net until I run across something. It's my nature to go look for it, so it's no big deal to me to post a link and short commentary so you can go read and evaluate on your own.

Yes, we have another "must read". Think of it as the reading of a short novel with a powerful ending. Pictures and video included. Hat tip to The Victory Caucus. It's an amazing writeup called Bill Whittle: Forty Second Boyd and The Big Picture.
  • This is a story about success and failure. It is a story about Iraq, and of something much bigger than Iraq. It is, perhaps, a small look into what makes victory, and defeat. It is a tale of infantrymen, of brave soldiers in dusty alleys a world away. It is a story of generals and strategies, too.

    But to understand our newfound success there, to know a little of how we achieved it and most importantly, how to keep it, we need to move away from that Mesopotamian desert and those boots on the ground, and back to a different desert on the other side of the world a half century ago. For there, a vision was vouchsafed to a most unlikely warrior priest… the kind of insight that comes once or twice in all of human history.

Like I said, powerful story with a powerful ending.



NightTwister said...

An excellent read. Well worth the time.

Geary said...

Clean up, aisle 3!

Yeah, it was a long read, but I thought it was worth the time too.