Monday, January 21, 2008

Iraq and the November elections

Going on pure speculation, I’m wondering if Iraq will be a non-issue come November, and the elections. There are several indicators that it might be.

First off is the move by the Soros funded ultra left to admit defeat and change tactics from trying to stop funding and start pulling out troops to fighting against a long term security agreement with Iraq. Even they see we’re winning the battle against Al Qaeda there.

Next, President Bush is moving forward in signing that very same security agreement and I don’t see any way the anti-war crowd will be able to stop it. If this goes through, pretty much all the wind goes out of the sails of the surge against the surge.

And, probably the most important factor, Uncle Jimbo over at Black Five is still pushing everyone to get onboard for a Victory in Iraq parade on the mall in DC on July 5th of this year.

If this comes about, I think we need to look at where we will be standing. The GWOT will still be a major issue, but the Democrats don’t believe it even exists. They will have lost that “get out of Iraq now!” chant, and will try to explain to the general public that all is just peachy keen. Of course, that in itself is a problem for them as their main campaign themes are how George W. Bush has everything all screwed up.

So, I see it very possible that we will be standing on very good ground here.

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