Sunday, January 6, 2008

The possible demise of Hillary

Being a registered Republican, I was hoping Hillary would get the nomination on the Democrat side. I think she's going to be taken down shortly, though. I can see the problems Democrats face, but she's become a really ugly candidate to them. Obama may lack some in world wide politics, but the Democrats are waking up to the fact that, so does she.

Dang. I was hoping the Republican nomination would have the pleasure of shredding her resume. Instead, I have a feeling that will be destroyed in the Democrat primary.

What leads me to this, and to what is likely to happen, is the fact that I've actually spent some time this weekend flipping around all the cable news shows for the political coverage. Mainly it's to see if Fred can get any traction from his good showing in Iowa.

What jumped out at me was interesting. One Democrat strategist was commenting on Hillary's stance (which she's trying to drill home in NH today) of experience. She then went to what the Republicans would have done. She pointed out that Obama actually has more experience in elected office than she does. On top of that, she enjoyed pointing it out. My impression of that and the way the host acted was that these people are actually sharks in the water and they're circling. Once someone in the MSM picks up on the attack Hillary theme, the others will be falling all over themselves to get a piece.

Personally, I'm hoping the Clinton machine can somehow contain that as I'd still like her to be their nominee, but that will essentially be a snowball effect that could sweep her political career away.


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