Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The end of the campaign

So, it's goodbye to the Fred08 campaign. I wished it would have stayed together through super Tuesday, but it didn't. It's now time to wrap up and review.

Fred could still get the nomination if no candidate has the required delegate count come convention time. At that point it would become a brokered convention and the wheeling and dealing would start. Fred has great appeal to pretty much each faction of the party, so in that instance he'd have to be considered as the ideal compromise candidate. This is most likely just a pipe dream thing though. It's possible, but I'd give it pretty low odds. I'll wrap up and review but keep all the Fred08 stuff handy just in case.

It was an interesting ride. This is the first time I've seen a candidate drafted by the people. I thought (wrongly) that meant it was a can't miss idea. During the draft Fred movement, I studied up on a candidate more than I had ever done before. Read all the white papers, looked through the voting histories, and really feel like I learned the candidate. Also for the first time, I opened up the wallet for a candidate. It feels good. I didn't give much, but I really couldn't afford to either, so I did what I could do. I'm sure others did as much as they could do too. For whatever reason it was for naught, but I still feel it was worth it. I don't see anything I would have changed. To be a part of the draft Fred movement was pretty cool. I have a Fred08 member card and number that I'll just keep right there next to the birthday card from Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

Well, it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to, and now I need to invest some time looking over the other candidates to see which ones faults are ones I can live with and which ones are ones I can't. Hopefully, a supportable candidate appears out of that, but if not, I'll just step back and support the party in November.

And just for old time sake, I'm putting up the contribute blog bumper sticker one last time. Obviously, it's not intended that you contribute, it's just there to look cool...


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