Thursday, January 10, 2008

Historic moment on the horizon

For those of you who have been following along, we've seen some amazing things come out of Iraq in 2007. Personally, I started looking for information towards the end of 2006 and ran across Bill Roggio's The Fourth Rail which has migrated now to The Long War Journal. It was Roggio that was pointing out the Anbar Salvation Council and the Anbar Awakening. At that point it had been going on for many months and it took many more months for us to hear anything of it from the MSM.

Well, guess what...

According to Pat Dollard Al Anbar Ready For Complete Handover it is scheduled to go to full Iraqi control in March. 18 or so months ago, Al Anbar was pretty much written off as a loss, and now, through the actions of the Iraqi's in Al Anbar and the coalition forces, it's become an almost impossible turnaround.
  • As Al Qaeda in Iraq fights for whatever is left of its life against a punishing assault of 7 U.S. battalions in Diayala ( 6 were used to liberate Fallujah from Al Qaeda, and previously, only 1 battalion was used to secure all of Diayala )…
That will make 10 of the 18 provinces turned over, for those keeping count. I'll keep an eye on Roggio's site to see if he confirms this over the next couple of days, cuz he'd be the guy to know.


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