Thursday, July 5, 2007

What's going on in Iraq?

Another Senator jumps on the "surrender in Iraq" bandwagon today. For the life of me, I can not see what in the hell they're looking at when they all come up with that "We obviously need to change direction in Iraq" line. What we're doing is just now into week 3 and, from what I can tell by checking the milblogs and the Multi Forces - Iraq website, things are most definitely NOT going badly. I'm not sure if ultimate levels of success can be determined this early, but wouldn't you need some kind of set back for you to determine a change of course is needed? Also, why is the change of course always to go back to the exact strategy that was failing from 2004 through most of 2006?

That's a real tragedy. No matter what your viewpoint of George W Bush is, no matter whether you believe we were right or wrong with our reasons to go into Iraq and remove Sadaam, and no matter what your wishes for the outcome of the 2008 Presidential election is, the simple fact is, this is an historical oppourtunity to help a people build a brand new nation. The Iraqi people are displaying multiple instances every day that they are willing to risk their lives to build this into something for their children that will endure for ages. Our troops are right there doing the same thing. There's also a whole lot of our troops that are "re-upping" to go right back over there to continue. I'm not real sure they actually even WANT our Congress to "save" them from this task.

Glad the French government didn't act like ours is now, back in 1777. Sure, they took their time trying to decide if we were serious about the whole endeavor, but once they commited, they stood by us through the good and the bad, saw it through to the end, and played a key role in us winning our independence.

I think that's a history lesson we should be following.

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