Friday, July 13, 2007

The Anti War Surrender Monkeys

The Al Qaeda allies in our government, a couple of months ago, looked us square in the eye and told us that they would agree to hold off on surrendering right now and then reevaluate again in September, after reviewing the progress report General Petraeus is scheduled to present. Apparently, Al Qaeda wants it done now and their "peeps" changed course and passed a surrender bill this week. The other theory I heard was that Pelosi did this because Cindy Sheehan came after her. The way I feel about them is that either theory is plausible.

Also, if you review the roll call numbers, remember that 10 them voted Nay because the surrender wouldn't happen fast enough.

Did we ever figure out if they actually have to stand up and raise both arms when voting to surrender?

Thanks to the intrepid detective work of NightTwister, I think we now know. He grabbed this photo of one of them, shortly before the vote, who had stepped outside to limber up.

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