Monday, July 30, 2007

Tipping point?

If you review history, you know what a tipping point is. Great battles are often decided with one. One side gets continually beat back and seem to be fighting a war that can't be won. Then, certain events happen and what wasn't winnable becomes winnable. A lot of times it's random events that take it to "tipping point", and sometimes it's great planning. Recognizing the tipping point when it occurs seldom happens and the historians find it somewhere down the road.

Something in my gut tells me, the Asia Cup soccer tournament might just be that moment in this battle. Look back to the Anbar Salvation Council. I had a gut feel there that it might be huge, and it turned out to be. The Asia Cup soccer tournament has the same feel to me.

What might end up making the Iraqi's grab hold of their country and cast off all outside influence's might be an innocent soccer tournament. I can see a Nation being born out of this.

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