Thursday, July 19, 2007

Iraq update July 19, 2007

On the economic side:
  • The village of Mrezat, a small agricultural village in the Basateen neighborhood of Baghdad's Adhamiya district, celebrated the opening of the Mrezat Water Pump Station on July 10th. The community primarily subsists on palm-date groves. Next up for them are projects to to refurbish two schools and repave roads. This is all happening due to the fact that the area has become peaceful and secure. Neighboring Suffiya is working on some power generators which will act like band aids until the Iraq government fixes it's power grid.
  • In Diyala province, fuel supply trucks have arrived and distribution is being set up.

On the security side:
  • The west side of Baqubah is secure and food and other services are being provided to the residents. CF and IA are doing a slow, deliberate sweep of the east side to clear it of IED's, wired houses, and Al Qaeda. The emphasis is on slow and deliberate as that keeps the CF and IA casualties down.
  • In al Anbar province, Al Qeada, using two VBIED's, brought down two bridges. Iraqi authorities and the coalition are working together to repair the damage and alternate routes have already been established. AQ just lost another "hearts and minds" battle. Also, there are 4 military operations going on in eastern Anbar, but I can't find any information on them.
  • The major operation in Babil province - Sounds like it is against anti Iraqi government elements. That reads al Sadr and his Mahdi army. Well, technically they refer to them as "rogue elements" of al Sadr's group. One operation was a cordon and search of Jabella by 550 IA and 100 CF to root out Mahdi army, who had been using a murder and intimidation campaign to terrorize the cities populace. The city is now secured.

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