Saturday, July 14, 2007

And now, it's the old media's turn

Now that Al Qaeda's allies in our government have managed to pass their latest surrender bill, the Al Qaeda allies in the old media have their turn. It looks like their process is to resurrect an old, disproved theory and see if they can make if fly again. What you'll be seeing from them is that we aren't fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq, just left over Baathists.

Bill Roggio sorts through all the muck.

Make sure you check out the map on the right side. It's a captured Al Qaeda operations map marking where their ongoing operations were at the time.

For the record, we are battling 3 main enemies in Iraq.

1. Al Qaeda. Think Anbar Salvation Council and Baqubah (1920's revolutionary brigade) siding with CF to fight against AQI. Petraeus indicated this it the main threat.

2. Moqtada al Sadr and his Mahdi army. Al Sadr wants to be the next tyrant in charge so they will fight on until their numbers are too small to matter, or al Sadr is killed. Maliki must believe they are "reconcilable", so that might be an option too.

3. Iran. The secret cell network is how they refer to it. It's the transporting of weapons into Iraq from Iran and the transporting of insurgents to and from Iran for training purposes.


NightTwister said...
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NightTwister said...

You forgot one front. The U.S. Congress. That seems to be the most critical battle at the moment. If we lost that one, all the rest are surely lost.

Geary said...

Ah, good point. Would they be #1 or #2 though?

NightTwister said...

I think they'd be #1. If they get their way we won't be fighting any battles. I'm not even convinced that they'd fight the terrorists off on our own soil.

Geary said...

Pat Dollard is saying similar things.

Okay then, there's 4 main enemies in the fight.