Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baghdad Awakening?

The different Awakenings in the Iraq provinces are obviously working. Baghdad itself was supposed to be a tougher nut to crack though, as the tribe influence for the population was thought to be less of an influence. The whole city is a mixed up bag of tribes and religions. We apparently read that situation wrong and the people in Baghdad are following the lead of the Anbar Salvation Council.

From MNF-I

“We’re maintaining a presence in the neighborhoods and gaining the trust of the Iraqi residents,” Campbell said.

That trust, coupled with Iraqi residents grown tired of extremist violence, Campbell said, has led to tribes in areas of Baghdad to align themselves with Iraqi Security and Coalition Forces. These security force volunteers, who previously may have supported Al Qaeda or other extremist groups, are being vetted to join the Iraqi Police or other security forces.

Campbell said efforts in the Abu Ghraib, Ameriyah and Tarmiyah areas in northwestern Baghdad have the potential to be a key element for the security of Baghdad, as residents begin to reconcile with their government.

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