Friday, July 20, 2007

Task Force 145 update

I ran across a little more about Donkey Island and added it as an update to the Donkey Island post.

Task Force 145 - The Hunter/Killer teams that are taking out Al Qaeda leadership and dismantling the AQI network have been pretty busy for the first 30 days of the operation. They captured the top Iraqi in AQI on July 4th. Sounds like he hasn't stopped yappin yet. The big items are, ali Baghdadi, who was said to be the Iraqi leading Al Qaeda in Iraq, was a fictional character and the orders came straight from Al Qaeda in Pakistan. Direct link now proven. Also, apparently AQI is finding it harder to trust the Iraqi's they've recruited as so many of them turn, that they are relying more and more on their foreign fighters. He also said that Zarqawi, before Task Force 145 took him out, had told him that democracy in Iraq was inevitable. TF 145 has taken down several high level AQI and the upper level of "management" is said to be pretty fragmented now. They still feel AQI has plenty of potential to do the spectacular attacks, but they believe AQI is on the run and really have no place to go. All the major population centers have forces ready to deal with them when they show up.

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