Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gunfire in Baghdad

Lots of gunfire erupted on the streets of Baghdad today. It was in celebration as Iraq beat Vietnam in the quarterfinals of the Asia cup soccer tournament. Iraqi's took to the streets and rejoiced, big time. To not see an Al Qaeda suicide bombing in amongst that indicates to me that security is definitely improving. I don't believe that would have happened even a month ago.

Al Qaeda's allies in our government were pretty active this week, which triggered Al Qaeda to become active in Iraq. Kirkuk had to endure the consequences. Many innocent Iraqi's die so that Al Qaeda's allies in our government can try and gain seats in Congress. It happens every time. Could they possibly just sit down and shut the hell up until September? Probably not, that might help the situation and we can't have that, now can we....What pompous ass jerks.

Al Qaeda has a problem though. They are pouring resources into this battle since, as they claim, it's the main front on the war against us, and Task Force 88 is taking out large numbers of them. They can't trust the Iraqi's they've requited, so they have to move in people from the global network to continue the fight in Iraq. The conundrum for AQ is, when do they give up the fight here and try and move it elsewhere? Iraq is VERY important, so I expect them to continue on until September and see if their allies in our government can find a way to hand Iraq to them. If that somehow gets derailed, they'll be moving on. That is setting up to be the key time frame.

Al Sadr's Mahdi army (sometimes referred to as JAM) is still getting dismantled piece by piece, so Iran has similar problems to Al Qaeda. Al Sadr is still in Iran awaiting new marching orders.

All in all, isn't having Al Qaeda pouring resources into Iraq to fight our military somewhat better than them pouring resources into fighting us civilians here in the continental United States? I mean, I'll grab a gun and fight, but give me a little room.... eyesight ain't what it used to be.

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