Saturday, July 28, 2007

Iraq update July 28, 2007

Things in Ninewah province still seem to be going very well and turnover to full Iraqi control is still on schedule for August some time. MNF-I has this Improved Ninewah security may mean fewer U.S. troops in future.

The tribes in Diyala province met last week and 17 of the 25 tribes agreed to end hostilities against each other and join with the Coalition forces to fight Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in an effort to run them out of the province. Diyala Awakening is officially born. MNF-I reports on more efforts in Diyala and Operation Olympus.

I'm not positive, but I believe Babil province is on the verge of Awakening. MNF-I reports on Local residents lead Soldiers to huge weapons cache which is south of Baghdad and which I take to mean Babil Province.

And, on the political side, MNF-I reports on Embedded Provincial Reconstruction Teams in their report Provincial Reconstruction Teams rebuild Iraq from bottom up. This part is almost as critical as the security part that we are watching.

I think the anti war surrender monkeys have a bit of a problem on their hands as there's too much visible progress being made to claim we've lost and must tuck our tails between our legs and crawl home...

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