Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update on the JBA axle backs

They've made it to Salt Lake City from Sparks Nevada. Expected delivery date you ask? Friday! Yahoo!!

Since you guys are making me work on modifying the Mustang some more, I had to stop by Sears after work. I picked up the coveted ratcheting box end wrench set, and decided to get the 3 ton floor jack kit complete with jack stands and 3' creeper for $99. Who knows what the next Mustang mod you'll be making me do will be..

I got a little nervous when it took two of the loading dock guys to load the floor jack set into the back of the Mustang. I figured I was past the point of no return since I'd already purchased it, so onward and upward. It was a pretty good grunt to get it unloaded when I got home, but I got it done. The man cave is even more functional now. I didn't realize a 3 ton floor jack would actually weigh 3 tons...

Well, I'm pretty well set to do the exhaust upgrade this weekend. I think the only thing I overlooked is some safety glasses to keep the under car junk out of my eyes, so I'll hit Lowes, Home Depot, or Sears once more before the weekend and get that taken care of.

The blogging should pick up some shortly as we've been a little short handed at work and I've been trying to time manage by reviewing stuff every night so that no customer gets left in the dust. The teammate who managed to shoot himself is due back to work tomorrow, so the pressure should abate some over the next week or so. We will all enjoy letting "Festus" know what we really think of him milking that for 2 and a half weeks, so the humor level will be up pretty good, too.