Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ah, bolt on horsepower

Received my SCT Xcaliber 3 tuner from Bamachips today. Douglas had it loaded up with 3 custom tunes for my Mustang. Half hour in the garage to swap back in the K&N cold air induction system and to reprogram the computer on the Mustang and I've gained about 30 hosses. That's with the most conservative of the three tunes. Should be in pretty good shape with the 91 octane torque tune, as well as the 91 octane performance tune. For now I'll stick with the 87 octane performance tune.


Anyone need me to go to the store or anything? You buy I'll fly!

Oh, and another thing. I don't see any reason anyone needs to tell Dave Cruise about this. I've closed the horsepower gap between the Mustang and the Eagle Talon. He'll find out the next time we go for a beer after work. Hehehehehehe....