Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spending the rebate check

So, we get a tax rebate and we need to spend it to help stimulate the economy. Also, we all know that I always do as I'm told without questioning it. The key is for us to buy American.

In that vein, I figure Summit Racing is as American as it gets, so I ordered up some new parts for the Mustang. Now I have the "warm fuzzy s" that always accompanies waiting for auto parts to arrive via UPS. I need to spend part of the rebate on bills, so I only spent some of it at Summit Racing.

I went with the JBA axle back exhaust system. Minimal HP gain, but great look and sound. Here's what they supposedly sound like:

Notice the great, deep, sound and those sharp looking 3" rolled stainless tips.

If it works out right, I'll be crawling around under the Mustang this weekend. Just need to stop at Sears for a 13 MM ratcheting box end wrench and I should be ready to go.