Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Know your enemy, or at least know who votes for your enemy.

I have some on going issues with Mustang. It’s not bad, just running a little flat. Nothing drastic but it’s not “on song” like it was a month ago. I got with my electrician to diagnose the problem. I know that sounds weird, but Rocky has been the crew chief on a late model car down here at Colorado National Speedway for the past few years, so he’d know. It’s your own fault if you don’t find these people…

After a smoke with Rocky, we pinpointed the problem to fuel injectors. He recommended I add a fuel injector cleaner to the gas tank and run it for awhile to see if it came back up to normal.

My crew chief says its injectors, that’s good enough for me so I head over to Checker Auto at lunch and pick up some redline fuel injector cleaner, dump it in, hit the local Shell station and top off with 91 octane. That’s a pretty productive lunch break for me, so I hit the road to head back to work. In my effort to help cure the problem it seems logical to me to run the car. Well, it always seems logical to let it stretch out so that’s nothing new.

Heading back to the office I blend in with traffic and do the normal stuff. You know, stomp the gas and charge up behind people then slow down. Can’t help it, it’s a Mustang. Anyway, I come up to a major intersection and the left lane opens up to a two lane left turn lane. The cars turn off and I naturally hit the gas to catch up to the people going straight and almost run over this gal in a Prius at a dead stop with her turn signal on right in the middle of traffic. She wanted the turn lane and missed her opportunity. No big deal.

Well, except for the fact that she proudly displayed a bumper sticker. You will love this:


That pretty much says it all, don’t it?

Reminds me of the time I was in the McDonalds drive thru behind a woman that was too busy talking on her cell phone to notice both drive thru lanes had cleared and had traffic blocked six cars deep. Her bumper sticker you ask?