Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update on a milblogger I pointed you to

Awhile back, I point you to a new milblogger to follow called Kaboom, A Soldiers War Journal. I hope you had a chance to read some of his stuff because it was really good. He's been taken offline by the Army over a blog he wrote. The site is still up and his girlfriend updates it from time to time about what's going on with Lt G and the rest of the Gravediggers, but all the original content is gone.

The Washington Post has a good article on Lt G and what happened called Silent Posting you should go read.
  • There was a boy who went to war, like many other boys before him. Maybe it made him a man, maybe it didn't. Maybe he already was a man, maybe he wasn't. Maybe it doesn't matter, maybe none of it does, maybe it all does. Maybe.

    -- Lt. G, March 4

In case you never made it over to his site, the article gives you a taste of some of the highlights and there's a link to an archive server with more that a friend of his has up.

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