Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A good read

The new Redstate is kind of clunky so I need to link you to a blog there that should make it up onto the recommended list, but probably won't as that doesn't seem to be changing much.

If you've ever wanted to know what a veteran's opinion of Iraq and Afghanistan is, go over and read A Veteran's Opinion.
  • As a veteran of both the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, I am constantly asked if we (The United States of America) are doing the “right thing over there." I am here to assure you that, with out a doubt, we are doing what is right.

Also, if you have a Redstate account, you could give it a recommend and we can see if we can get it up on the recommended list. Even NightTwister would probably go for that and he's holding the top spot right now.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I really apperciate your support

Geary said...

No, thank you. We all really appreciate what you do.