Thursday, July 31, 2008

Somewhere in America, last night

I guarantee you this exact conversation happened:

Wife - I need you to put more air in my tires

Husband - Why? I just checked them this morning and they have 32 lbs. in them just like Ford and Bridgestone both recommend

Wife - I was listening to Obama today and he says if we just put more air in our tires we won't need to ever import any oil ever again

Husband - Huh?

Wife - Oh, and you need to do a tune up on my car, too, that's the other part.

Husband - Oooookaaay. Did Obama happen to say just exactly what it is I am supposed to do to your car then? I mean, it's 3 years old and has 20,000 miles on it. The spark plugs are supposed to last 100,000 miles and the fuel injectors 50,000. Everything else is controlled by a computer.

Wife - You better call the Ford dealership then because we need to do both

Husband - Right, I'll go add some air to your tires and then I'll call Ford from the office tomorrow.

Also guarenteed is that the husband went out to the garage, turned on the compressor, squirted the hose a little, then came back inside. Today at work, he never lifted the phone up but he told his wife that he'll take the car in this evening because Ford can do the tuneup in a half hour. He then takes a leasurely drive...

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