Thursday, July 17, 2008

Within the "Margin of error"?

So the man made global warming scam has now been mathematically confirmed to be a total scam. From Right Wing News (cuz you obviously won't see this anywhere from the MSM) is Mathematically Confirmed: There Is No Climate Change Crisis
  • WASHINGTON (7-15-08) — Mathematical proof that there is no "climate crisis" appears today in a major, peer-reviewed paper in Physics and Society, a learned journal of the 10,000-strong American Physical Society, SPPI reports.

    Christopher Monckton, who once advised Margaret Thatcher, demonstrates via 30 equations that computer models used by the UN's climate panel (IPCC) were pre-programmed with overstated values for the three variables whose product is "climate sensitivity" (temperature increase in response to greenhouse-gas increase), resulting in a 500-2000% overstatement of CO2's effect on temperature in the IPCC's latest climate assessment report, published in 2007.

Yeah, but what do they know, they're just 10,000 or so physicists...

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