Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Operations ongoing in Mosul

Bill Roggio over at The Long War Journal reports that Al Qaeda “Prince” reported captured in Mosul
  • Iraqi security forces, backed by US forces, are pressing the offensive against al Qaeda in Iraq and allied insurgent groups in Mosul and Ninewa province. The operation, which initially was called Lion’s Roar but has morphed into Operation Mother of Two Springs, has netted more than 1,100 al Qaeda and insurgent operatives. Today, the Iraqi Army reported it captured the “Prince of Ninewa” during a raid. The Iraqi government is planning an amnesty and may be forming an Awakening in Mosul proper, a source told The Long War Journal.
To get an Iraqi perspective on the Mosul operations we have Mohammed over at Iraq The Model with his Iraq Hunts Al-Qaeda in Its Last Urban Stronghold which he has posted in it's entirety over at Pajama's media.
  • Operations are now underway in Mosul to rid the city of al-Qaeda. The streets are calm, indicating that the terrorists realize they are too weak to fight.

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