Friday, May 30, 2008

A metrosexual President?

Yeah, I'm going on the assumption that we all agree that Obama is a classic metrosexual. He's from the generations of males that the feminists have focused time and energy into demasculizing. The question we need to look at is, will that work for a Commander in Chief or not. The liberal left is sure it's very doable, and it'd make the world safer. I have always held that demasculizing men was a bad idea and therefore wished the males of that generation would have fought it off, somehow. At least some held on and joined the military.

As far as the metrosexual as President question goes though, you need to read Grim's well written post Masculinity and Martial Courage that is up over at Black Five to help you further evaluate what an Obama Presidency would mean.
  • Jimbo is right to say that Obama is wrong for a dangerous world. Let's talk about exactly why he is wrong for it. The key clue comes from listening to some of his supporters talk about why they don't want Senator Jim Webb to serve as Obama's Vice President. I supported Webb for the Senate, and would have no problem supporting him for President -- but to them, he is a bad choice.

Well worth the time to read, in my opinion.

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queensnewbie said...

I think he is definitely a metrosexual. He has those obsessive compulsive characteristics, is blatantly aware of how he is perceived and looks and although he may not openly own the type of name brand things metros are known to love, he does have some in his closet I posted his suit preference in my blog at He even gets uptight when his daughters tease him about his supposed hairloss (I haven’t noticed). Metro indeed.