Friday, May 2, 2008

JBA axle backs installed!

Well, that was a little bit of work. Not too bad, but the exhaust hanging brackets are in some real tight quarters. I see why the need for the ratcheting box end wrenches. A couple of those bolts needed that. Anyway, successful wrenching on the Mustang, with the exception of some alignment issues. I'll have to loosen some clamps and maybe bend some mounting rods to get the pipes centered in the bumper cutouts. I'll fuss with that sometime over the weekend.

The sound? Excellent. Nice deep throaty rumble at idle, and mean and nasty at wide open throttle. Sounds hungry. I took it out for a feeding but didn't run across any "game". I'll park it for the night and feed it another night. I swear I heard it mumbling "Camaro....Camaro..." . Might be my imagination.

Now, for the well deserved beer reward.