Thursday, May 22, 2008

Instead of global warming, here's something we should actually worry about

Hadrian over at The Minority Report has a great post up called The Real Link Between Solar Energy, Ocean Cycles And Global Temperature that does a great job of using reasoned thinking to look at the actual facts about climate change. I hope he's wrong in his predictions, but I believe he's more likely correct. His post has tons of great info and links and he lays it all out along with his conclusions for you to agree or disagree with. I'd like to see a legitimate argument from the global warming alarmists as to where his thinking might be wrong. I don't see any of them having it.
  • This article shows that they are wrong and that, in fact, solar energy is and always has been the overwhelming primary driver for global temperature with CO2 such a minor component that it should be ignored. Due to the differences in scale between the solar effect and the effect of CO2 the latter is only ever going to have a marginal effect at and around the peak of any natural warming trend and is unlikely to activate any tipping point that would not have been activated by natural cause. Indeed, during natural cooling spells CO2 will be a wholly beneficial mitigating factor.

I can see/hear the global warming alarmist now, fingers in ears, going "lalalalalalalalala"

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