Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is the Iraq war over?

Matt Sanchez says Iraq War No More. He's there and thinks it's moved out of the war category.

Devoy Murdock over at National Review Online has Reports of Reconciliation.
  • Terrorism is collapsing across Iraq. In February 2007, when President Bush ordered 30,000 additional troops into Iraq — as Senator John McCain cheered and Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama jeered only 8 percent of Baghdad’s neighborhoods were rated secure. That number is now 75 percent. In 2006, coalition troops defused 2,662 terrorist weapons caches. In 2007, they neutralized 6,956. Since June, attacks on U.S. soldiers have slid 60 percent. Meanwhile, sectarian violence fell 90 percent from January to December 2007, sparing Iraqi and U.S. lives alike.
Which leaves us with Al Qaeda's last safe haven in Mosul. I haven't seen much reporting on the battle for Mosul, but it looks like Michael Yon finally made it up there. He has a RUBS up today called RUBS: At Long Last Justice. Another great read from Yon where he also comments on the battle for Mosul which he is concerned about.
  • The fighting in Mosul, the capital of Nineveh Province, is likely to look much different than combat that has taken place elsewhere in Iraq.

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