Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh those pesky Republicans...

Nancy Pelosi shut down the House of Representatives early on Friday and sent all of our reps home for a 5 week paid vacation. The Democrats and a lot of Republicans headed off, but a handful of Republicans stayed and kept the House open. They decided to stay and debate an energy policy because it didn't seem right to them that the American people have to suffer under astronomical gas prices while the Senate goes off to vacation for 5 weeks on the tax payers dime. You saw little press on it, but it's gaining some momentum. The rabble rouser's were back today to carry on.

Pelosi had the lights shut off, the mics turned off, and the cameras shut down. Our Republican representatives don't care. They give speeches, they embrace the tourist coming through on tours, and continually call on Pelosi to come back to work.

It's a pretty historic moment. It's also a beautiful thing...

I was really glad to see that Colorado's own Representative Marilyn Musgrave, who was in the air flying back on Friday when she heard the news, went back over the weekend to join the riff raff.

Republican Eric Cantor is emailing a petition you can all sign to call on Pelosi to come back and open up the shop to do an up or down vote on an energy bill.

If you want to support it then let's Call Congress Back.

Come on, it's good to encourage our representatives to do the peoples business...

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