Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Here's how Obama wants to help you with the "pain at the pump"

He says he wants to give you $1,000 and he's going to make "big oil" pay for it.

The first obvious fact, to everyone except Obama anyway, is that the consumer will be stuck with paying it right on back to "big oil" as they can't afford to stay in business running at break even and so the only option they will have is to raise gas prices to cover the cost. Obama's logic for this? He believes the Democrat lie that the oil company's are making obscene amounts of money. They are not. You can see for yourself every quarter as the companies all release their financial records to the public. The last statement from Exxon had their profit margins at around 11% which is lower than McDonald's, if I remember it right.

So, who is making obscene amounts of money off the price of gas? Your Federal government, that's who. Obama might have been wiser to just offer to pay it out of the obscene tax collections they get from "big oil". The Feds make about 3 times (or more) as much as the oil companies make off the product.

So, you tell me, is Obama going to help you out much with this proposal of his?

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Anonymous said...

i'll take it! you can give yours right back to the oil execs if you like. palin 2012! (hehe)