Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A couple of good Redstate reads

First off, Haystack has Visions Of Phased Withdrawal Dancing In Democrat Heads which highlights the major problems of the Democrat plan to surrender Iraq to Al Qaeda.
And, just to underscore that the Democrats have been doing their best to undermine American security, Moe Lane has Jim, you ignorant slut.
  • Let's let you two in on a little secret, Congressmen. We already knew that you - and your colleague Bonior - were being enthusiastically used by the Hussein regime to hamper the American war effort. It wasn't exactly hidden, after all. 9/11 had demonstrated quite graphically that our working definition of "acceptable risk" with regard to rogue states needed drastic revamping, and under any civilized or rational standard the Iraqi situation was intolerable. So there's no reason to be shocked now that the late, unlamented genocidist might have been more than happy to smooth your path to Baghdad and dishonor.
    We just hadn't realized that he was actively paying your way.