Thursday, September 4, 2008

I think Colorado just went back red

It's hard to get a solid read on things viewing just my tiny little slice of Americana, but Governor Palin's speech last night looks to go down as truly historic. A lot of the fence sitters, be it Democrat, Independent, or Republican, became committed to Palin. We'll see next week when the poll watchers chime in, but my unscientific polls indicate a huge grab by the McCain/Palin ticket. I think they ended up being a lot like me and have decided to vote for Governor Palin and whoever that Yahoo is she's got running with her...

I also know why. It's purely on what she's done. She managed to work her way from being a member of the local PTA all the way up to candidate for Vice President of the United States of America. She either didn't encounter any glass ceilings (we Republicans are funny that way) or she just totally obliterated them. Either way though, it takes a strong personality and sharp mind to accomplish what she's accomplished. America sees something they like.

Now, just to put me on cloud nine, the Democrats are livid. Even better is, there's totally nothing they can do about it They can't undo her record.

That was their only shot, because option B for them is to convince everyone to un-like her...

Hey, someone buy Governor Palin a beer! It's on me!

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